Monday, November 14, 2011

Fast Forward...14 Weeks!

Remember a couple weeks ago when we had to rewind? Well, Peanut had other ideas in mind and decided to grow, grow, grow. So now we have hit the fast forward button. At our NT scan, Peanut was measuring 13 weeks, 4 days when in reality, according to our last measurement, we should have only been 12 weeks, 2 days.

That puts us at today...and today I hit 14 weeks pregnant!!! For some reason, this number just seems monumental to me. It's so close to 20 which is halfway after all. For the most part, something has switched in this body of mine and I am feeling fantastic. Especially compared to how crappy I have been feeling for the past three months. I know that is a long time to feel sick. And now, it feels like just a blink. Josh told me the other night, "I know it is not fun baby, but in the end it will be so worth it." He is so right.

We spilled the beans to the world and it felt fantastic. The response was overwhelmingly happy and positive with the exception of a choice few that shall not be mentioned. Ever since I "came out" I have just felt so much different. It's like, I can embrace the belly now! I walk around with it and don't even try to suck it in. I can actually talk about my symptoms and cravings to people and they care and think these things are funny (which they are!) We are so blessed to be able to welcome our little Peanut into such a wonderful group of friends and family.

Right now, Josh and I are plotting what little Peanut might look like. I hope he/she has my nose, Josh's teeth, my hair, a mix of his green-grey and my golden-green eyes. I hope the tall gene did not skip a generation and that our child will not sprout feet above Josh because he would be so upset :). I hope that our child inherits a musical ability and Josh's protective nature. I hope that my negativity does not instill itself too deeply into the heart of this child and that he/she will be happy and never bitter about life. Most of all, I hope this child knows that we are already in love and that our world has already shifted and circulates around him/her and will forever.

I don't feel like my bump has really grown at all recently. I am ready to really pop. I have noticed that I cannot eat as much because I don't have ROOM in there! And when I do eat, my already puffy belly becomes even more distended. It's a good look, for sure. I have still had some dizzy spells and have noticed that even though I cannot eat a lot at one sitting, I have to eat every couple of hours. Yesterday, I ate breakfast then a couple hours of cleaning later went to the grocery store. By the end of that I was feeling weak and shaky. I am definitely going to mention this to my doctor. I don't know if this baby is just sucking the nutrients out of me as fast as I put them in or if my blood sugar is low or what, but it is a little scary.

Here's the 14 week bump:

14 week Bump Update ( I deleted the boring questions that did not change):
How far along:  14 weeks, trucking right along.
How big is baby: The size of a lemon, or about the size of my clenched fist from head to rump. Getting bigger!
Total weight gain:I think probably about 2 pounds now. Getting my appetite back has been wonderful.
Sleep:  Much, MUCH better lately. No getting up to pee in the middle of the night anymore. My uterus has finally lifted off of my bladder and it is amazing.
Best moment of the week:  Learning that peanut is huge and growing strong and telling our amazing news to the world. :) Josh and I went to Red  Lobster to celebrate and that was amazing too! It was a GREAT week!
Food cravings:  The funniest? Green bean casserole. You know, that stuff with mushroom soup and fried onions? I swear I have eaten this ONCE in my life and it just sounds so amazing right now. It's going on the Thanksgiving menu for sure.
Food aversions:  I can't think of anything specific but sometimes just nothing sounds good.
Symptoms:  Dizziness, shakiness when I have not eaten for awhile, headaches.
Movement:  I swear I was feeling something last night...but being a first time mommy I have no clue what flutters feel like so I guess it could have just been dinner settling or something. It felt like someone was lightly scratching on the inside of my lower abdomen. It was fast and only happened a couple times, but I don't know!
Gender:  Josh and I are still thinking boy. I had a (semi scary) dream last night where I went to the Dr. because of some spotting and she did an ultrasound and said, "HE is doing just fine in there!" Every single other person I talk to thinks it is a girl. Especially Josh's mom. She thinks the heart rate indicates that it is definitely a girl.
What I’m looking forward to:  Real kicking! And a real big baby bump!
What I miss:  Not having to search my body for new stretch marks. Not having to have a constant stock of Jolly Ranchers with me to stop the gagging.
Next apt:  November 22nd...Thanksgiving week! It is not with my normal doctor because of the craziness of the holiday so I am kinda bummed about that but I love this office so I am sure it will be fine.

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