Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Growing, Growing, Growing.

Today we had our "14 week appointment," even though at this point I am measuring closer to 16 weeks. I got to meet a new doctor in the practice and I loved her just as much as my original doctor. I really have to say, I am so glad I was referred to this office by a friend of mine: everyone here is such a joy. The receptionist, the sweet nurses, the conversational doctors. It is everything I would expect from a good doctor's office and ironically, something I've never experienced before.

Unfortunately, I did not get my way and get another ultrasound. They deemed it medically unneccesary. The geneticist's office sent over all my NT scan ultrasounds and blood work so they really had no reason to doubt that I was measuring ahead. They even changed my due date officially to May 13th! Today was a little awkward because there was a male med student shadowing this new doctor. I have never had a male gynecologist but this was just a simple Ob check up so I figured, "what's the harm?" The poor guy was so nervous and awkward I felt bad for him.

The appointment started like they always do with the nurse weighing me and checking my blood pressure. When I stepped on the scale, I could see that I was up 3 pounds which seemed like a huge deal to me: someone who has struggled with body image my whole life. However, when the doctor came in to talk to me she repremanded me for not gaining more at this point. Apparently, they expect moms at my BMI (weight/height ratio) to gain 30 pounds total: 5 in the first trimester, 13 in the second trimester and and 13 in the third trimester. That seems like so much to me. Anyway, she said I should be up about 8 or 9 pounds right now and my 3 just is not what they like to see. I am hoping now that the nausea is all gone I should be able to eat more frequently and better which should help. She jokingly (I think) told me to drink a milkshake every day. Yes, doc!

The med student came in and was instructed to feel my abdomen for the fundal height (where my uterus sits in relation to my pubic bone). He was so gingerly touching me out of fear or embarrassment that I'm sure he was not feeling anything. The doctor (an older Belgian woman with a severe French accent...love!) literally had to take his hands and press them into my stomach. That was odd...then she had the med student find the baby's heartrate on the fetal doppler. He awkwardly put some goo on my tummy and went to town trying to find it but I have no clue if he has ever even done this before because he was putting the wand right over my left hipbone. I know I'm no expert but I know the baby is not chillin' in my hip bone. He found my femoral artery and told me it was the baby. I raised my eyebrows and asked if he was sure because my heartbeat is very slow and sounds like whoosh-whoosh-whoosh while the baby's is much faster. He told me everything sounded great and went to get the doctor to come "check his work." She started with the doppler in the center of my belly and moved down a little at a time until she found the actual baby's heartbeat right below my belly button. The student just laughed and said, "oooh I guess I was WAY off!" I could only laugh...poor guy.

I guess all things considered it was a great appointment. She says I am measuring right on for 15/16 weeks and that the baby's heart rate is still sounding good...up in the 160s. She actually started beaming and said, "oooh, it's a girl!" based on the fast heart rate. I thought that was cute but Josh's face was priceless. It's like he forgot for a minute that she couldn't possibly know that...and he believed her! The nurse was not as good as my normal nurse at drawing blood so my arm is kind of sore and I have a little bruise, but nothing to cry about. They are testing my blood for protein, I'll have to look up why and what that means. Our next appointment is a long one: it's the important ultrasound where they measure and study all the baby's body parts and we get to find out the sex at that appointment. Lucky for me, that appointment is on my birthday! What a perfect present! I am so excited now because Josh said he would just take the day off so we could enjoy that and celebrate...and I really cannot think of anything I would want more than that right now!

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