Sunday, November 20, 2011

15 weeks!

It really does not seem possible to already be at 15 weeks. What is funny is that I am no more "relaxed" about this pregnancy now than I was at 7 weeks. I still get a little worried before appointments, I still stress a little if my back is hurting or I have a cramp. I think that there is no "safe" time in pregnancy until you are holding your baby in your arms. With all that said, I feel like I really love being pregnant...not just because it gives me an excuse for the crankies and the cravings, but because I feel more at home in my body than I have in a long time. I feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing and it is a comforting thing.

With every week that passes, I keep feeling better and better. The nausea is all but gone at this point, though I am starting to wonder if the gagging will ever stop. One of my friends told me that because all your organs are pushed upwards it makes your gag reflex more sensitive...maybe that is my issue? My head has been hurting almost constantly but I'll take that over the constant nausea any day. My allergies have been absolutely awful and the only thing that works even a little is biting the bullet and taking a Zyrtec. My back has started to hurt as well, but I am on my feet all day so I guess that's not surprising. My bump still does not look like " baby" to me but people are starting to mention it so apparently it looks like something. When I am laying down, my abdomen is rock hard and I can feel a hard bump that is just getting bigger and bigger.

I am so unreasonably excited for Thanksgiving this year...I have an excuse to eat all I want and I love Thanksgiving food. I don't know if it is because I am carrying this little life inside of me or what, but I am just in the spirit this year. I've already been listening to Christmas music and plotting my shopping trips. It is still sunny and in the 60s here in Colorado but for the first time ever I am actually craving snow and Christmas lights right now!

15 Week Bump:

15 Week Bump Update:
How far along:  15 weeks! Absolutely unbelievable to think that in a short month, I'll be halfway done with this pregnancy.
How big is baby: Peanut is the size of a navel orange this week...or about 4 inches from head to rump. Huge!
Total weight gain: I feel skinnier everywhere but my round tummy...I actually measured my hips and they are 2 inches smaller than pre-pregnancy so this baby must be sucking the unneeded fat from my body which is awesome. I'm very curious to know my weight and I'll found out on Tuesday (before Thanksgiving...very wise!)
Sleep:  Not so great right now. With the backaches beginning, it is hard to get comfy. I also just feel really congested so sleeping is hard when I cannot breathe.
Best moment of the week: Going out with my girls to see a was so fun to just hang out and actually talk about our future baby and how I'm feeling. 
Food cravings:  Still really craving green bean casserole. I've also been on a hot wing kick. I don't know if that's really a craving, they just sound goooooood all the time.
Food aversions:  Ground beef. Ugh.
Symptoms:  Headaches, backaches, more irritable than before :)
Movement:  YES! I have only felt it a couple times but it was definitely baby. It felt like an electric current vibrating through my lower abdomen. It was fast and only lasted a few seconds at a time but it was definitely something. All the times I've felt it, it was right after I ate something sugary (cereal, juice, etc)
Gender:  We welcomed my mom to "team boy" recently. I don't know what changed her mind but now she believes wholeheartedly that Peanut is a boy. Other than us though, every single person thinks it is going to be a girl. We might get a glimpse at our appointment on Tuesday!
What I’m looking forward to:  Finding out the sex definitely. I am ready to start shopping/registering/drooling over little outfits, cribs and toys.
What I miss:  Advil!!! With these headaches I've been having, I so miss my favorite Advil Liqui-gels (the blue kind!) They work so well and I am sad I cannot take them! Also, my sister. I wish she was here so she could actually be a part of this pregnancy. I'm not going to see her until Christmas when I will definitely have a baby belly. I just feel sad sometimes that she does not really get to be "hands on" with her first niece or nephew.
Next apt:  Tuesday! I am getting the pre-appointment jitters. I think I am going to insist on an ultrasound since we measured so far ahead at our NT scan. I'd like to know exactly where we are at and that everything is going well in there. If they humor me (which they should!) I am going to see if we can get a peek at the goods.

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