Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 Weeks!

Today is a very cool day. It is 11/1/11 and I am 11 weeks! It seems like an all around lucky day to me. I have been feeling much better these past few days. While I still have my gaggy moments, the times when I have an appetite are more frequent than the times I feel like puking. Progress!

I have this pesky vericose vein than popped up behind my left knee and it hurts like I could never have imagined. My doctor says these are common in pregnancy as your blood has to pump harder to get back up to your heart. Unfortunately for me, this also puts me at greater risk for hemorrhoids. Yay! Have I mentioned what a beautiful time pregnancy is? Ugh. I truly hope this vein resolves itself after my pregnancy because it is a sight for sore eyes. Dark purple, squiggly and stretching across my entire back of my knee!

At our 10 week appointment, our doctor made a point of telling me that I have a teeny torso so that is going to make my pregnancy a little different than the norm. Just out of curiosity today, I measured it...and from the bottom of my ribcage to the top of my pubic bone is only 12 inches. So I have a FOOT of room for a baby to grow vertically. As my doctor assured me, this means that my baby has nowhere to go but out. This explains why I am already pretty popped out. I have also been having some uncomfortable rib pain and shortness of breath. Again, my uterus is expanding, pushing all my other organs up making things a little squished in there. I am laughing because if I am already uncomfortable at 11 weeks, I can only imagine what I will feel like with a full sized baby in there!

Baby is the size of a lime this week. It absolutely astounds me that just a few short weeks ago, our little peanut was only a centimeter long and now he/she is about 2 inches long! Huge!

Here is my 11 week shot:

I think my belly is rounding out more and more. I am waiting for my little bump to actually pop way out there, I have a feeling it is only a matter of time. I never realized what a freak of nature I was until I got pregnant! 12 inches of torso space...psh...I am going to be one of those women who looks like she is smuggling a beach ball under my shirt!

Bump Update:
How Far Along?  11 weeks! (And actually updating on the day of...more progress!)
Maternity Clothes? I'm in maternity jeans for good now. There is no going back! I am going to need to special order some though I think...in addition to my teeny torso, my legs are freakishly long. All maternity pants are destined to be highwaters on me.
Weight Gain? As far as I know, I am still up only a half pound. I guess I'll find out at my appointment in a couple weeks.
Stretch Marks? I found my first stretchy today in the most awkward place ever. It is on my back/hip right above my pants line. I am thinking all the pulling of this bump towards the front is causing pulling on my back. Oddly, its on the left side where I have been noticing my sciatic pain.
Sleep? Getting less tired by the week. When I finally fall into bed, I seem to sleep soundly. I am getting up to pee at exactly 3:30 and 6:30 every night. Its annoying, but usually I fall back asleep easily.
Best Moment of the Week? Mainly just talking to Josh about our future baby. He keeps getting more and more excited and it makes me melt.
Movement? None yet. :)
Gender?  No clue! Everyone else thinks girl...J and I think boy.
What I miss? Not having to shave every single day! Between the hormones and the prenatals, my hair on my legs is growing like a weed. Nasty...
Symptoms: Definite irritability. Vericose vein in my left leg (my left side is a mess!), headaches, still gagging.
Weekly Wisdom:  Do not talk about your pregnancy to people who have recently had a baby. They think they are experts on everything and it is extremely obnoxious to me.
Milestones: Telling Josh's grandma that she will soon be a great grandma. It was a fun experience. Pregnancy is not as big a deal on his mom's side of the family (there's been lots already so we're not that special) but she was still glad for us. The word is spreading!
Emotions:  So soooooooo irritated. Especially with lazy co-workers and women who I do not like very much even on a good day.

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