Friday, February 3, 2012

100 Days or Less.

I just realized that today is a very special day: we only have 100 days or less left in this pregnancy. That may seem like a lot still, but when you consider that 40 weeks = 280 days, I have definitely done a huge chunk already!

I am dealing with some drama with my one hour glucose tolerance test, which is annoying. I was given the paperwork at my 24 week appointment and told to get it done before February 3rd. The only day I had off to do it was yesterday. I had Josh take me at the recommendation of some other mommies who said that the test made them feel awful. Inside my information packet, I was specifically told not to fast but from listening to other mommies, I knew I should just eat something with high protein, low carbs and no sugar before just to have something in my stomach.

I spent all day Wednesday eating really well in preparation for the test (and starving to death!) I had a big salad on Wednesday night with chicken and then woke up around 8:00 on Thursday, scrambled myself an egg and started drinking as much water as I could hold. I waited a bit for the food to settle and then Josh and I headed out to the lab where the test should take place around 10:00am.

When we got there, I almost had a breakdown. This tiny little office with 10 chairs in the waiting room was absolutely packed. Standing room only. It was stifling in there. I had already known that the test might make me feel nauseous and hot so I was not looking forward to experiencing that in that crowded room. All I was told by the completely incompetent receptionist was to sign in and they would call me. She did not even ask why I was there. So Josh and I stood in the waiting room for an hour and a half before they even called me up to see what I needed (Mind you, the glucose test would mean I had to sit there for an hour after drinking the drink...)

When I finally got called back by a nurse, she asked me when I drank the drink. I told her I had not even been given it yet. She was absolutely shocked that I sat there all that time when I could've been drinking but then asked me if I had been fasting. I told her no, that I'd eaten a little something that morning because that's what my doctor's instructions said. She rolled her eyes and told me that eating anything would cause elevated blood sugar and I would have to come back for the three hour test. She then handed me the bottle of sugary juice, told me to drink it tomorrow and come back to the office after I was done drinking it. I was told to time myself and make sure I got my blood drawn an hour after I finished the drink. SERIOUSLY?!

I was scheduled to work for my boss from 7-3 today but I had to call and cancel on her which she was clearly not too happy about. This is the last day I was given to get this test completed and guess what? It's a damn blizzard in Denver today! So I've been starving for 2 days, I have my boss mad at me, I am sitting here staring at this drink knowing not to drink it because there's no way I can make it across town to this stupid lab today!

I'll have to call my Ob on Monday and explain the situation, hopefully they'll let me just take care of it next week. Ugh! That turned into much more of a saga than it should have but oh my gosh...lame!

Other than that, I seem to be doing fine. I weighed myself the other day at my mom's and I finally made it to the 10 pounds gained mark. Actually, it looks more like 11 I'm happy with that. It's about time! Peanut has been active and hilarious the last couple days. I have discovered a game where I can poke my tummy and he'll kick back by my hand. I keep trying to catch his movements on camera because I can see them from the outside but so far, I've been unsuccessful. He also is tricky when it comes to Josh feeling him move. He'll be going crazy, so I'll get Josh to put his hands on my tummy and then Peanut calms down. The second Josh stops touching me, he kicks again! Little punk!

I guess I'm off to enjoy a snow day with Josh since it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere else today. And you know what? Screw the glucose test. I'm eating a damn cookie.

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