Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Umm, Ow?

I have a definite new pregnancy symptom this week...

                                                         Holy flipping back pain!

thought maybe, just maybe I would escape that fun little symptom. As I near week 30 however, I am realizing that is NOT the case. At first I thought I somehow pulled something. The pain is right in the dead center of my back, on either side of my spine. It is not a constant ache...it is a shocking twinge if I move or stretch the wrong way. And let me tell you how many "wrong ways" there are!

The only thing I have found that helps (besides not moving...) is warmth. My heating pad has been my constant companion at home. When that is not working, I turn to my new best friend: Bubble Baths.

I remember reading in my early weeks of pregnancy that hot baths were a bad idea. Well...obviously whoever said that clearly does NOT understand this back pain I'm feeling. Just to ensure that I don't hardboil Peanut, I make sure the water is not hot enough to make my skin red, but still warm enough to relax my muscles. The funny thing? No matter how I lay in the tub, I cannot get my tummy under the water! I have begun using a hand towel and just laying it over my tummy so it doesn't get cold. Peanut LOVES these baths. Every time I get in, he starts kicking away in there...I think he likes the warmth.

Even though the baths are nice and my skin is really soft, these back pains can stop at any time. I somehow have a feeling this one is not going away though...

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