Monday, February 6, 2012

Pregnancy = Handicap?

I am normally that girl who absolutely hates being treated like I have a handicap because I am pregnant. Just because I am growing a person inside of me does not mean I can't do everything I did before! Sure, I should probably not be lifting boxes of books to take to Goodwill or running a marathon (not that I could do that before I was pregnant!) but most things are completely fine. Sometimes, my sweet husband acts like I'm going to break just by bending over and he holds my elbow everywhere we go like I'm an old lady because he doesn't want me to fall. In his defense, I am a very large klutz...but still.

Today, I encountered a situation in which I really WAS handicapped by pregnancy! I got my car stuck in the foot of slushie snow in my mom's cul-de-sac. And I do mean stuck. My attempts at rocking my car back and forth from drive to reverse only created a deeper problem. My tires made ruts which then turned slick and icy because the snow was half melted.

I was so frustrated. I HATE being "that girl." You know...the dumb girl who can't drive in snow that everyone makes fun of. I knocked on all the neighbor's doors but at 2:30 in the afternoon no one was home! They were all off getting kids from school, sleeping off their night shift or something. So I had to call Josh (who drives all over the state for a living...and luckily he was within 20 minutes of me). Then I had to call my boss and explain that I'd be late, though I did not know how late. She was already mad at me about Friday and let me just say I didn't win any of her favor back today.

As I was sitting there pondering how I was supposed to get out, the mail woman came along and offered to try to push me out. This is a woman no bigger than me, mind you. So here we are, the pregnant lady and the mail woman trying to get a very stuck car out of the stupid snow. After about 2 minutes, I felt so bad for her I just told her it was okay and my husband would be there soon. Her mail truck blasted through the snow drifts just fine by the way!

It was awful to feel totally helpless. I was slipping all over in my work shoes. I had a shovel but no idea how to try to dig myself out. I called my mom and she recommended putting my floor mats under my tires so I tried, but since I was in such ruts, I made no progress. I was just a stranded pregnant woman and I was so mad at myself for getting into that situation! Thankfully Josh showed up soon and saved the day like always. Even with his expertise, pushing skills and steering direction, it took us 20 minutes to move my car. He told me when he got there, "once I get you going...don't stop! I love you!" and he gave me a kiss through my open window. <3 I love him so much.

Here's my poor stuck car. Sometimes I really hate living in Colorado.

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