Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Wiggles

I have been trying to capture this little stinker on video forever! I feel and see big thumps all the time, but usually by the time I get my phone out, he calms down. Not today! I woke up this morning feeling super dizzy from sleeping on my back, so I've just been hanging out trying to make the room stop spinning. I had not eaten anything yet, just drank some water and he decided to give me some little wiggles.

This is a BARE BELLY video so if you're not into that sort of thing, you have my permission to skip it. Also, please ignore the cavernous expanse that has become my belly button. When I stand, the top of it pokes out but otherwise, my deep belly button is still holding strong.

Most the movement is towards my right hip, right along the line of my pants. That's where I always feel little Peanut...it's his zone I guess. I also like to poke and prod him to make him move, so no judgies! The big thump that starts it all off is right around the 30 second mark. Then just keep an eye out and you can see lots of bumps and wiggles right in that area.

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