Friday, October 28, 2011

2nd Appointment

Yesterday, we had our 2nd baby appointment in this pregnancy. I was not quite sure what to expect but it was the most simple and pain free experience thus far. I kind of feel bad asking Josh to go with me, because the appointment was literally 10 minutes long.

We showed up and the nurse weighed me. I am only up 1/2 a pound so far so that's awesome. It looks like a lot more because of all the bloat but hey, the numbers don't lie! Then she checked my blood pressure which was a good 112/72. I absolutely love the nurse at this ob-gyn. She is hilarious and kind and makes me feel like I'm just an old friend walking through the door, not just another patient. We talked a little bit about pregnancy hormones and watching movies and then she told us the doctor would be right in.

I got to keep my clothes on this time, which is always a good sign! Dr. Berenbaum came in, said hi to us, asked me how I was feeling and gave me some props for my weight. Then she pulled out the teeniest little contraption from her pocket and said we were going to hear the baby's heartbeat.

I laid back on the table and undid my jeans. She squirted the super cold blue ultrasound goo all over my tummy and placed the doppler a couple inches below my belly button. Lo and behold, our little peanut was exactly she anticipated. Almost immediately the room filled with the beautiful sound of galloping horses. She kind of raised her eyebrows and said, "wow! That's great that it's so strong and was so easy to find especially at 10 weeks!" Then our little stinker decided to be a little difficult (wonder where peanut gets that from??) and started moving around. It took her a few minutes but she eventually found the heartbeat again. She told us it was a good strong 162 and that it would probably start slowing down now that we were on our way to the second trimester.

I absolutely love this doctor. She spent some extra time moving the doppler around showing us that the whooshing sounds we heard was my heartbeat and that the faster galloping noise was the baby. It was so fun watching Josh's face as that sound came out. It just keeps getting more and more real! She asked if we had any questions, confirmed my Round Ligament Pains when sneezing and told me to be back in 4 weeks. Our next appointment with her is the week of Thanksgiving, on November 22nd.

Up next, we have our NT scan on November 10th. I will say it has been SO nice getting to go in and get checked out and see/hear the baby so frequently during this pregnancy. Even though I always get nervous before the appointments that something is going to be wrong, afterwards I just feel like I am floating. It is a strong sense of peace and happiness, like I'm doing everything I need to be doing for myself and this baby. Josh and I discussed it and we decided that after this NT scan (which is the next time we will get to see our little peanut and get a new updated ultrasound picture) we will finally announce our pregnancy to the world. As tempting as it has been to just shout it from the rooftops, it has been really special and wonderful having our own little secret for awhile. I'd like to come up with a cute creative way to "come out" on facebook so I'll be updating when I figure out what that is.

The most reassuring thing about all this is our doctor told us now that we have both seen and heard the heartbeat and since we are at 10 weeks, our chances of miscarriage drop from 15% all the way down to 3%. I was having some worrysome cramping last night, but I am pretty sure it was a mixture of constipation and just soreness from her pressing pretty hard on my tummy yesterday. We have both just been smiling and so happy about it...and feeling so very blessed.

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