Thursday, October 13, 2011

8 Week Bump/Update

I really *Really* did not want to take a picture of myself this week. As cute and petite as I looked last week with just a little hard knot down low for a baby bump, I feel like I look like a whale this week.

I am Bloated, man! It is ri-flipping-diculous. It could have something to do with the only things that don't make me wanna gag are plain, simple carbs. Totally healthy right there. I have a feeling I might be close to another birthing/bathroom experience soon (uhm, ew. )

So here I am in all my puffy glory. You can still see the little knot of a baby bump. This time, we know for sure that little "Peanut" as Josh likes to call it is in there.

I'm just now seeing how awkward this picture is. It looks like I don't have an arm, but rather a stump. And you can tell by the way my back is freakishly arched forward that I have some bloat going on in the front. Its the only remotely comfy way to stand lately. *sigh*

In other news, I decided I am gonna wear that same outfit for all my weekly pics just for some continuity. Now if only I could remember which direction to stand in while taking the picture. Oh, and I'm pretty sure until I get a professional to take some maternity pics, I will continue chopping off my own head. Because no one wants to see that anyway. Usually when I take these pics, I have just gotten off my butt to get ready for work and thus, have no makeup on. And I'm not about to put makeup on to take a picture of my belly. Ahem.

As far as updates for this week:

I am still tired...all the time. But I have notice a little boost in my energy in the afternoons which is good because that is when I am at work. The second I get home though, I am so ready for bed.

I have been having more food aversions than cravings. My most recent aversion which made everyone laugh was the thought of chicken noodle soup making me gag. Way back in elementary school, my teacher had a rabbit and I swear to you the smell of its cage (I don't know if it was the rabbit's pee or what) smelled just like chicken noodle soup. *vomit*

I also woke up this morning and could SMELL the laundry in our washing machine that has been sitting there damp for a couple days. EW!

Today I had my first case of what I would assume to be pregnancy brain. It was honestly a little scary. I just could not focus. On anything! People were talking to me and it was just in one ear and out the other. Wow. Let's hope I don't have many more of those days.

I also had my very first CRAZY pregnant dream last night. I won't go into all the details because it was oddly steamy at first but then it got scary and I started bleeding (in the dream). Let's just say I woke in a bit of a panic.

I have been soooooo thirsty. I just drink and drink all day and really, that does not help with the I-have-to-pee-every-5-seconds thing I also have going on.

As far as what few cravings I have had:
*Green olives. Honestly, I could eat an entire jar if Josh was not battling me for them.
* Instant cheesy mashed potatoes. They are warm and bland and salty and just what I need for the constant nausea.
*Chocolate milk. I haven't consumed any yet as milk and me do NOT get along but I want it. Bad.
*Tuna sandwiches. My ob-gyn told me no tuna at all which most of the time they say canned tuna is okay in moderation, but here's another craving I won't get to quench. It's probably for the best.

Surprisingly with all these carbs, I have lost another 2 pounds.That puts me down 4 overall. They say you should gain 3-5 in the first trimester. With 4 weeks left, I now am thinking that might now happen. I am pretty okay with that though because I could have/ should have lost about 15 pounds before getting pregnant anyway. Oops!

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