Monday, October 24, 2011

Where did that come from?

We had a busy weekend planned out. Complete with dinner dates to our favorite Mexican restaurant with my mom and her fiance, birthday parties for Josh's sweet grandmother and of course football games on Sunday. I woke up on Saturday morning, feeling extremely puffy and bloated and having some bad kidney pain. I figured that UTI I had been wary of had finally reared it's ugly head. I ran to the store on the way to work and picked up the biggest thing of cranberry juice I could find. I spent my 5 hour shift guzzling it like it was going out of style (and of course making many many trips to the bathroom). By the time I left, I was feeling much better, much skinnier and was noticing that something had happened with my tummy.

I have been "showing" for weeks now. At least I look different than I normally do, even if it is just bloat. But while getting ready for our Mexican dinner date, I threw on my favorite comfy, stretchy black long sleeved t shirt. And I spent the next 10 minutes twisting and turning in our bathroom mirror, just staring in awe. Something had definitely popped. I could no longer suck my tummy in flat like I have been able to. I ran out to where Josh was watching T.V and said, "what is this?!?!" and pointed to my belly. He started laughing, raised his eyebrows and said, "I do believe that is a baby bump!"

Correct me if I am wrong, but...

Please ignore my creepy off to the side eyes. Thanks.

When we got to my mom's I told her I popped and she laughed but then I pulled my jacket back. She cocked her head to the side and said, "I DO see something!" It was just funny. I probably look no different to any random person, but to me I see such a difference in my body.

Our dinner was was so awesome to finally have an appetite again after so many weeks of nausea. I was in heaven with chips and salsa and my "Ric's Platter" ( a sampler of mini Mexican items like flautas and chimichangas and tacos) Actually, I want to go back! Right now!

The next day we had a dinner party at my father in law's house for Josh's grandmother's 70th birthday. On the way there, I was sitting in the passenger seat and felt a sneeze coming on. Lately, when I am in certain positions, if I sneeze or cough I get these killer pains in my abdomen. My doctor says they are round ligament pains. They hurt like CRAZY. Anyways, I felt this sneeze coming on and so I guess when I sneezed, I tensed all my muscles in anticipation of the crazy abdominal pain. Well, that problem was averted but by twisting funny I somehow tweaked a nerve in my lower back.

All night last night, any time I stood or took a step, I got a shooting pain across the top of my left buttcheek, my lower back and allllllll the way down my left leg. When I was sitting, it was more of a sharp throbbing. It was awful! I spent the night with a heating pad off and on my back. This morning it seems to be a little better. I called my Ob-gyn and they told me it definitely sounded like my sciatic nerve. She said sadly I was right in thinking the only remedy was heat, rest and tylenol. So...that was fun. I pinched a nerve by sneezing. Only me.

Besides that, we had a great time with family yesterday and got to see all our nieces and nephews. Josh keeps telling me he does not want a girl, but last night around our new 4 month old niece, he was a puddle of mush. I was laughing because she completely and totally transformed him into a complete softy. He was smitten with her big blue eyes, soft downy hair wisps and little baby smiles. One time when she was fussing, he took her and held her up on his shoulder like he'd been doing it for years and just started walking around the house with her chanting, "it's's okay." :) And she stopped. She completely relaxed and calmed down. And the smile on his face was undeniable. I think he looks at children in a different way now. Even though he has always loved and been great with children, he just has a spark about him now that makes me love him a million times more than I already do.

I can hardly believe in 6 short months, we will have our own little one to love and comfort. It is such a beautiful thought to imagine Josh and I embodied in a child.

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