Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moody Judy (8 Weeks)

Phew. I am a piece of work lately. I can feel myself doing it: being an absolute be-yotch for no reason. And being irritated is irritating. Hello, pregnancy hormones!!!

I just now realized I am 8 weeks and 5 days and have not posted a weekly update yet. Well, that would simply be because I am just...so...over everything right now. Maybe it was the crazy, stressful dramatic weekend we had. Maybe I am upset because we don't get to celebrate our one year anniversary until next week. Maybe its this stupid cold that crept up on and is now kicking my butt. All I can say is, I am just a flipping ray of sunshine right now.

Currently topping my list of things that are sending me over the edge:

*Josh putting his feet on mine. Whether we're in bed or just watching TV on the couch. Whether we both have socks on or just him or whatever. Something about it is currently pushing my every last button. Crazy!

*Working in customer service. People are always rude. This is nothing new to me. What is new is this brazen attitude I have recently developed that makes me want to wave in people's faces and say, "hey....yes, you there. Hang up your damn cell phone or I will not assist you!"

*My apartment being a complete and utter disaster area. I have neither the time nor the energy to clean it and I just keep letting it get worse and worse.

*Peeing every 2.5 minutes. Seriously. I am so sick of unzipping pants, sitting on the toilet, wiping and then repeating. Who knew such a common everyday thing could be so irritating?

Apart from the MAYJAH switch in my mood lately, I have also been having a slew of other new symptoms which actually have been more of an ego boost that everything is going as it should. These include:

*Headaches. All the damn time. Mostly around my eyes but sometimes a bad tension headache in my neck.

*A fun little pinchy, spasm-y back pain right above my left butt cheek. When I turn a certain way or sit too long and move I actually gasp because its such a random sharp pain.

*Night nausea. I don't know what dinner is anymore. I have been eating instant mashed potatoes like a mad woman in an attempt to not vomit every night. And I still get that creepy gaggy feeling in the back of my throat all day long.

*Random tugs and cramps in my abdomen. Not painful by any means but definitely noticeable. And they definitely feel like very mild menstrual cramps. I am assuming this is the uterine stretching I have been reading about.

*BLOAT baby. Where I could see a definite hard knot in my tummy last week, this week all I see is a bunch of bloated yuckiness. I cannot even suck it in anymore. And my hipbones? I miss them. :(

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