Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning Sickness?

Man, I really thought I was getting over the hump of this "morning sickness" thing. Which for me has pretty much been all day nausea, dry-heaving type of gagging all the time and this constant yucky "warm" churny feeling in my tummy until I basically force myself to eat something. For whatever reason, mine has been way worse at night. I am thinking it is probably because I am not eating a whole lot during the day, so by the time dinner time rolls around, my stomach is pretty empty. Ironically, the emptier my stomach gets, the worse the nausea gets. Its a vicious cycle really.

All that aside, the past couple days or so, I thought I was feeling a little better. I even had...dare I say it? appetite for the first time in weeks. Last night I had a wicked craving for cheese enchiladas which of course are impossible to find at 11:00 pm on a Thursday. Unless of course you venture out to a Mexican restaurant. Josh just raised his eyebrows at me like, "I don't think so woman!" I was excited that something finally sounded appealing to me besides mashed potatoes and blue kool aid.

And then...I woke up this morning. Let me just say, the "morning sickness" is back with full force today. Ugh. Brushing my teeth has become an exercise in self control. As in, do not puke. The second the toothbrush hits my mouth its just like instant "I'm-gonna-vomit" feeling complete with gagging. Awesome. Don't you worry though, I fight through it! The thing is, after that happens first thing in the morning it is kind of all down hill from there. Right now, as is usual lately, I cannot bring myself to want to eat anything. Sadly I know that will only make matters worse.

I'm off to go choke down a granola bar or something....oh and morning sickness? You can go away now!!

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