Friday, October 7, 2011

Ouch and Eww

I was just woken up out of a deep sleep by what I thought for a second were contractions. I am fully aware that I am only 9 weeks pregnant, but in my bleary eyed confusion, that is the first thing that came to my mind. My entire abdomen was clenching up in extreme pain and waves of nausea were coursing through me like mad. It was about this time that I remembered, I had not had a normal BM in about a week!

I got out of bed and tried to quietly make my way to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror at myself, I was horrified. My reflection resembled a crazy person literally. My hair was doing that cute, I-went-to-bed-with-damp-hair craziness, my face was pale as a ghost from the pain and my belly was so distended I honestly looked 7 months pregnant. Apparently, my body decided that 3:00am was a swell  time to get things moving right along.

An hour later (and 4 trips to the bathroom, 2 tums and a glass of ice water) I think I am finally in the clear. It was honestly touch and go for a minute there. I have never in my life felt such horrible gas pains. Each new wave of pain would make me double over and almost gag. I was afraid I was going to have one of those sitting on the toilet while puking in the trash can moments. Thank God, I didn't. It is so funny though because I really had to like breathe my way through it. And afterwards, I felt like I accomplished the first milestone of pregnancy. It felt awful, painful, disgusting and totally gross but I did it.

I feel *so* much better right now than I have in days. The horrific bloating is already decreasing and I can just feel how my abdomen is not as swollen and painful to the touch. I am still awake because I have been dreading going back to bed and being woken in an hour with another bout. It's been about an hour without any ahem, movement though so I think I need to turn off my brain and go lay down.

In about 6 hours, I have my first pre-natal appointment and I am honestly feeling a million things. Including shock that I was even able to get to sleep before the incident. I am ready to find out the fate of me and this baby. And wanting, more than anything in this world, for everything to turn out perfectly okay.

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